Membership Form:

International Royal Rovers Membership & Renewal Form

The International dues will be $10 for Regular Members and $5 for Auxiliary Members. New Members fee is $35 the first year (pays for member trailer numbers and name tags + mailing). Local Chapter dues are in addition to International Membership fees.

If the information for the Directory needs to be corrected, send a copy of the Renewal Form to Jim Flint or email the corrected information to him at ( If you live outside the United States and your mailing address is incorrect, please send it to Jim Flint exactly how your mailing address to appear.

*Note that we are migrating to electronic communications for most members as a way to reduce costs.

Please indicate if you are willing to receive electronic instead of US Postal service mailed communications.

Check one please:

  • Send my newsletters and other communication electronically. (This is our preferred method of sending newsletter)

  • Send my newsletters and other communication via US Postal Service. (only available to mainland USA members, otherwise actual postage fees will apply in addition to membership fees).

Please indicate your membership:     Regular        (default)      Auxiliary      

A Regular Member still owns a rig or trailer.

An Auxiliary Member does not own a rig or trailer, but still wants to remain a member.

Please check the local chapter you wish to belong to:

1 At-Large (default)                                                                         1 Cyber Tribe

1 Houston                                                                                         1 Nebraska

1 Pacific Northwest (includes BC, Canada)                               1 Redwood (Northern California)

1 Sun Fun (Southern California)                                                    1 Texoma (North Texas & Oklahoma)

1 Rocky Rovers (Rocky Mountain area)


New Membership: $35               Renewal for Regular Members: $10                      Renewal for Auxiliary Members: $5

* chapter dues are to be paid directly to the local chapter as decided by its members if these apply.


Your International Streamline Royal Rovers dues for 2020 will be: $           .  (fill in the amount from above).

Make your checks payable to: Streamline Royal Rovers.

Or use PayPal: and use the option “Send Money to Friends and Family” to avoid the PayPal fees for vendors. You may see a notice that the money was sent to Jim Flint, our International Secretary and this is correct. Note: the old PayPal address at is no longer being used.


Renewal forms and fees are due on March 1 every year. Late fees for renewals will be applied after this date. The information that you provide below will appear in the annual Directory:

Royal Rover Number: #                        (will be assigned for new members)

Name:                                                                                                  Address:                                                                                            






Zip Code:                                      


Home Phone:                                                                                      Cell Phone:                                                                                

Email:                                                                                                (please print)



Alternate address: (from what date to what date):                                                                                  







Zip Code:                                        



Mail this page with your check to:

International Royal Rover Secretary / Treasurer C/O Jim Flint

801 E. Rudasill Rd

Tucson, AZ 85718   Or send this page via Email: